Closure Library: Build Complex JavaScript Applications

Learn how to use Closure Library and Closure Compiler in your projects to build complex web applications that are high-performance, cross-browser compatible and maintainable.

51 Video Lectures
4 Hours of Content


What Is Closure Library?

Google Closure Library is open source and serves as the base JavaScript library for many products, including Search, Gmail, Maps, Calendar, Google+ and more.

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Why Learn Closure Library?

Javascript is the programming language of the web - it is easy to learn, and it allows to extend the functionality of web pages, it allows to load dynamic data, build interactive functionality and single page applications.

Javascript has challenges that work against developing for the web, like no namespace or dependency mechanism, issues with cross-browser compatibility, no visibility controls for the properties and methods of a class and no type system and no static checking.

Closure Library addresses these challenges. It contains a large set of reusable components, it provides an interesting namespace mechanism, it provides consistent APIs to work with the DOM, user interface components, events, client-server communication, and more. It allows you to write object-oriented JavaScript and simplifies inheritance. It is also is server agnostic and cross browser compatible.

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This course is organized like a tutorial, with lots of examples, and presents the Javascript challenges when building larger applications, and how Closure Library provides solutions and consistent APIs for working with the DOM, browser and custom events, client-server communication, namespaces, dependencies and object-oriented JavaScript, allowing the developer to focus on the code.

51 Video Lectures
4 Hours of Content